• Is Conflict Costing Your Business?

    Conflict is draining and devours valuable time, money and productivity. See how SearchLight Strategies can help you reduce unproductive conflict, resolve disputes and rebuild relationships.

    Is Conflict Costing Your Business?
  • What Does the Future Hold for Your Business?

    Do you have a plan to grow your business? How are you going to identify talent and develop new leaders? SearchLight helps clients develop solutions for both short-term and long-term challenges. Don’t leave your company’s future to chance. Explore our assessment and planning services.

    What Does the Future Hold for Your Business?
  • How Effective Is Your Organization?

    In the age of rapidly changing customer needs, razor thin margins and new entries to the market, your teams must possess the tools to outmaneuver and outperform the competition. Let SearchLight help you develop the skills required to maximize your potential.

    How Effective Is Your Organization?

Why SearchLight?

Searchlight Strategies understands the complexity of the relationship systems at work in all organizations, but particularly in family businesses. With the right guidance, skills and tools, you can make sustainable change required to reach your full potential. We know how to bring teams and families back together again, so they can reach that potential and take care of business. LEARN MORE >

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About Us

SearchLight Strategies’ founder, Tim Williford is a C-level executive with a track record of helping businesses succeed. He is also a certified Family Business Advisor and Family Wealth Advisor, licensed attorney and certified N.C. Superior Court Mediator. LEARN MORE >

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