About SearchLight Strategies & Tim Williford

SearchLight Strategies

At SearchLight Strategies, we have a passion for working with businesses so that they can achieve their highest potential. In all businesses, but especially in family businesses, this often means tackling sensitive subjects between people before the larger work with the organization can proceed.

Our process is guided by three core beliefs:

You own the problem and the solution. We don’t step in to prescribe a ready-made solution or a quick fix. We believe that our clients are able to solve their own problems and make sustainable change when equipped with the right skills and tools.

We must confront the hard truths. We confront the reality of the situation and serve as an objective third party to analyze organizational conditions. We don’t sugar coat but neither do we proselytize: we will not shy away from any harsh truths. Leaders and teams must actively listen, reflect on their reactions and engage in finding a solution.

“Important” doesn’t have to mean “serious.” Humor has a place in difficult circumstances. When used properly, it can help defuse tense situations, reframe challenges and bring people closer together through shared experiences. While there is serious work to be done, change can be enlightening, fulfilling and can include a laugh along the way.

Tim Williford, Founder

As a trusted business advisor and an executive team member of a second-generation family business, Tim has a deep knowledge of the complexity of the relationship systems at work in all organizations, but particularly in family businesses.

Often seen as the “go-to” problem-solver, Tim knows how to get to the root of obstacles to company growth and teamwork directly and transparently. He works to help others realize and capitalize on their own strengths, and overcome challenges in leadership, interpersonal dynamics and company culture.

Professional Highlights

Tim is a licensed attorney (North Carolina and Georgia) working in executive management of a specialty trade-contracting firm. He has a broad range of experience, including risk management, labor and employment law, and contract negotiations. He has helped senior executives, the corporate controller as well as HR and Safety managers achieve both the business and financial goals of the company.

A Certified N.C. Superior Court Mediator, Tim’s strength is in facilitating difficult conversations and breaking down barriers to communication in a way that is calm and respectful. He is able to guide people through the discussions that they have heretofore avoided, defusing emotional pitfalls along the way, so that productive and mutually satisfying business decisions can be reached.

FFI-Certificate-Seals-Business-RGBGEN-CFWA-Seal-RGBCertified_LogoTim holds a BA in Psychology, an MBA from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, as well as a Professional Certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University. Committed to continual learning, Tim has earned a Certificates in Family Business Advising (CFBA) as well as Family Wealth Advising (CFWA) from the Family Firm Institute (FFI).

He has served as a member of Wilson County (NC) Board of Commissioners and in senior leadership positions of state and national trade associations.

When not helping others achieve their business goals, you’ll find Tim happily spending time with his wife and family, exploring the North Carolina mountains or boating on the Neuse River.

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