Business Consulting Services

Trust Builds Courageous Leaders and Teams

All companies, family-owned or not, need a foundation of trust to succeed. Without it, miscommunication, infighting and divisiveness thrive. At SearchLight Strategies, we are passionate about building courageous leadership and bringing teams – and families – back together again.

Our business consulting services are designed to help companies develop, grow and flourish.

Organizational Effectiveness

people_business2Team and organizational effectiveness is a competitive advantage in today’s market. A healthy company has the ability to make smarter, faster decisions. However, this can only happen when leaders and teams are aware of the complex human dynamics at play, and have clarity around the company’s strategic vision.

If teams are fragmented, the lack of communication means that “collaboration” is just a word in a dictionary. The resulting negative impact on relationships has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Our organizational effectiveness services are aimed at delivering new levels of team performance and driving improved business results.

SearchLight Strategies offers:

  • Team Building
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Change Leadership
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Human Resource Planning

Assessment & Planning

BusinessManFUTURE2If you have not considered your company’s future and how you might deal with it, you are leaving your personal and business finances to chance. You need to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Developing a business growth plan, risk management process or exit strategy helps maintain accountability, identify and develop talent, and ensures operations run smoothly, even during times of turmoil and transition.

Our assessment and planning services help family businesses and all companies get focused on where they are now, and what they have to do to get to where they want to be in one, five and ten years. We offer:

  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Family Strategic Planning
  • Family Wealth Assessments

Conflict Management

TeamCONFLICT2Conflict is a natural part of life. It’s how it is handled that can be problematic. Feelings of anger, hurt, and resentment can make honest communication difficult or at worst, impossible. Unfortunately, conflict costs your company money, employee morale, time and productivity.

Disagreements and differing opinions can be a driving force for change, innovation and improvement. The key is creating boundaries for discussion, and removing hostile or obstructive actions and replacing them with constructive behaviors. SearchLight Strategies helps you to separate emotions and personal bias from facts to work together more effectively and, ultimately, make better business decisions.

SearchLight Strategies can help you identify and address potential areas of conflict, or work to rebuild relationships after conflict has occurred. We deliver:

  • Dispute Mediation
  • Family Meeting Facilitation
  • Business Meeting Facilitation

If you are ready to overcome the challenges that have been holding your company back, let’s talk. Contact Tim Williford at SearchLight Strategies to arrange a free initial consultation.