Construction Safety: The Crossroads of Employee Discipline and Engagement

My father started a construction company in 1965, the year before I was born.  I have worked in it, off and on, since I was 13.  For the past 16 years, I have served as the company's legal counsel and, most recently, as it's chief risk management officer.  Just as construction methods have changed, so to have the attitudes towards construction safety and its enforcement. In the early days of my … [Read more...]

More on Conflict and Why Your Organization Needs It

I previously wrote here and here about conflict.  In those two posts, my goal was to demonstrate the absolute necessity of productive conflict for an organization to thrive and how to practice productive conflict. Recently, I saw  this post on the Harvard Business Review website.  HBR is an invaluable resource for me and the post was a timely one, dealing with the issue of conflict.  Read my … [Read more...]